Artist in Residence på SAGA Center of Photography 2018

In December 2018, I was lucky enough to get an Artist in Residency at SAGA center of Photography at Inderøy. Here I worked with wet plate collodion.

Wet plate collodion is a photographic technique that was developed in the midd 18th century. It is an exciting and challenging technique. I have learned the techniques from Jill Enfield from the USA. She is a master in alternative photography techniques.

The picture is made on tin or glass. There is one exposure at the time. When the plate with collodion and silver is placed in the camera, it must be exposed and developed before the chemistry has time to dry.

My stay as an artist at SAGA was an experience far beyond what I had expected. I had unique and meaningful days. It was hard work but at the same time, it was like being in a long and good meditation.