WPGA Biennial International Exhibition in Argentina !

I was invited to participate in a biennial exhibition organized by the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards (WPGA). The selected artists had been warded in the 1st and 2nd edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award, Jacob Riis Award, 1st and 2nd edition of the Pollux Award, and other competitions organized by WPGA during 2010 and 2011.

From Norway we were five women who participated.

This was an International Biennial of Artistic and Documental photography, held at Centro Borges in Buenos Aires in Argentina, between January 19 and February 27 2012.

The Ministry of Culture of Argentina and the Embassies of Austria, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Peru, Finland, Germany and Belgium sponsored the exhibition, in benefit of Save the Children and FLENI foundations. It was seen as one of the most important photographic events in Latin America.

The works was donated by the artists, and was auctioned at the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires in February 2012. I was very happy when I received the message that my picture “Harmony” was one of the ones that were sold at the auction!


Fotografi Nr1-2012

From the Norwegian Magazine FOTOGRAFI. My picture «Harmony» next to the picture «Shepherd Boy» by Eli Reinholdtsen. Besides Eli and me is also Ragne Sigmond, Eli Ohren and Elin Høyland, participants from Norway.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

«Harmony» is the cover on Santa Fe Photographic Workshop 2012 winter/spring cataloge.

Earlier I got a Merit Award for the picture in the Photo Contes  «Light»


Ten Years of Pain, book release and Exhibition 2003

«Ten Years of Pain» is the first book I made together with my brother, Håvve Fjell, based on my pictures and Håvves tekst. He founded the group Pain Solution i 1993, and the book covers the first ten years of his history as an performance artist and Fakir. The book was funded by Hertervig forlag in Stavanger in 2003. We had the book release with a Photo exhibition and performance in Stavanger kunstforening.


Håvve being interviewed



photo: Arve Stallvik