Exhibition in Tokyo 2014

In september this year, I was invited to have an exhibition at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo. What an great experience!! Thank you Naito-San and everybody at Vanilla Gallery!  Arigato !!

The  exhibition was a selection of images to the book «To Bleed or Not To Bleed» that I am working on together with my brother Håvve Fjell about Pain Solution.

My exhibition prints are printed on paper from Canson Infinity

My brother, Håvve and I in the Gallery!
Opening speech
The Gally owner, Naito.San.

Apicture Magazine #1

… kind of a little magazine I made to present a picture or two…. !

Here is the first  Issue of Apicture :

Clothing and Accessories are designed and made by Anita Skrautvol.                      Models: Rikke Pristed and Anita Skrautvol.

For a costume party Anita made a dress for herself and her friend Rikke, where Marshmallows were used as the main material. She used between 6500 and 8000 Marshmallows to create the dresses and accessory.

I met the two girls just before they were off to the party and made these images.                   Enjoy !


Celsius Showcase 2014

Celsius Showcase is a photogallery in Kafé Celsius in Oslo. The exhibition is curated by the photo magazine Fotografi by the editor Kristin Skåmedal with the inetsion of showing Norwegian and International photography. The gallery displey two exhibitions a year, and started in 2008. I am very pleased and happy for the oportunity to have my pictures exhibited at Celsius Showcase.  My exhibition will run till may 2014.


Outside the Restaurant Celsius

Outside the Restaurant Celsius

The editor of Fotografi, Kristin Skåmedal and me. photo: Morten Løberg)

The editor of Fotografi, Kristin Skåmedal and me.
photo: Morten Løberg

photo: Morten Løberg

Opening night.
photo: Morten Løberg

photo: TomStåle Engebretsen

So happy at the opening night !
photo: TomStåle Engebretsen